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WOW! Buster Tidies Up For His Mommy | Go Buster! | Bus Cartoons for Kids! | Funny Videos & Songs

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Before Buster can play and go on adventures he has to help clean up the house for his Mommy! Come help Buster clean up his toys and go on awesome bus adventures!

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Buster is a sweet little bus who loves playing. He has a lot to learn about the world and he is always faced with different little challenges to overcome. He loves a giggle which he loves to share with his friends.

00:05​ Tidying Up Together - Do it Right
02:06​ Bandit Steals the Cookies! - Mommy's Surprise
04:12​ New Kid in School - Making Friends
06:12​ Snow Ball Fight! - Buster and Bandit Work Together As A Team
08:15​ Buster Gets Sick - Wash Your Hands
10:16​ 5 Little Ducks - Be Careful When Crossing the Road
12:20​ Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies
14:22​ Rescuing King Terry the Tractor - Buster's Story Time
16:22​ Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies
18:24​ Hunting for Buried Treasure - Working Together
20:24​ Colouring With the Paint Cannon - Learn Colours
22:26​ Water Balloon Fight!! - Playing With Friends
24:29​ Bandit Bus is Lonely - Stealing is Wrong
26:30​ The Soccer Bus - Don’t Be Nervous
28:31​ Baby Shark Family - Playing in the Ocean

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