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WOW! Buster Plays With MAGIC! | Go Buster! | Bus Cartoons for Kids! | Funny Videos & Songs

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Come play with Buster and his friends as Buster plays with a magic spell book and does magic tricks!

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Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book 0:00
Hide and Seek with Friends in Fall 2:01
Frozen Buster 4:01
Buster's Sick 6:05
Accidents Happen 8:04
Buster Goes To Jail 10:07
Buster On Ice 12:07
Buster Builds A Snowman 14:07
Super Hero Buster 16:03
Paint & Play with Mommy - I Love My Mommy 18:06
Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies 20:02
Old MacDonald Splashes in the Muddy Puddles 22:04
Buster the Hero Fire Truck Saves the Day 23:48
Digger Builds a Wobbly Birthday Ice Cream 25:48
Buster the Rocket Bus Goes Space Exploring 27:47
London Bridge Is Falling Down - Teamwork With Friends 29:48
Coming Round The Mountain 31:48
Buster Goes to Treasure Island 33:48
Beware of the Erupting Volcano! - Buster Saves Rita the Sports Car 35:50
Emergency Services Rap - Which Special Service Will It Be? 37:50
Baby Shark Family - Playing in the Ocean 40:10
Buster the Gardener - Buster and Friends Grow Vegetables at Home 42:02
Where's Buster? - Stuck In The Mud 44:03
ABC Phonics Song 46:06
Buster and the Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep 48:06
Buster Changes Color 50:05
Buster Teaches Shapes 52:06
Buster the Hero Fire Truck Saves the Day 54:02
The Lights On The Firetruck 56:02
Tidying up Toys Is Fun with Friends! 57:59
Buster and Scout Get Lost In The Maze! 1:00:00
The Soccer Bus - Don’t Be Nervous 1:02:01

Buster is a sweet little bus who loves playing. He has a lot to learn about the world and he is always faced with different little challenges to overcome. He loves a giggle which he loves to share with his friends.

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