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Why Toilets Don't Have an Overflow Hole

Sitting on a toilet without any particular goal is quite a popular activity for those who lead a busy life. The privacy of the loo helps distract us from the daily race and allows us to just stare at nothing without being interrupted. But how about learning some interesting facts while sitting on the toilet?

Suddenly scalding shower, scary sounds you hear at night, overflowing bowl without a hole to stop the mess, unexpected snake in your home – yes, your toilet has something to do with all this. Well, it’s time to find out more about the thing you probably use more often than anything else!

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Snakes in the toilet: how is it possible? 0:51
Why your shower gets too hot 1:35
Self-flushing toilets 1:57
Why toilets are made of porcelain 3:59
Hidden water leak 4:38
Why your toilet flushes slowly 5:35
Stains in your bowl 5:50
What if you flush with the lid up 6:08
U-shaped toilet seats 6:41
Why can't you flush toilet paper? 7:42

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