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Why Ships Vanished on the Lake Michigan Triangle

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It’s not so hard to imagine something mysterious like ships and planes vanishing in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The ocean is big and full of wonders, after all. But what about, say, a lake? It’s not so absurd when we’re talking about one as huge as Lake Michigan. Yes, The Michigan Triangle is a thing, and it’s just as eerily inexplicable…

The triangle is situated in the lower half of the lake. It’s 16 times smaller than the Bermuda Triangle, but strange events happen here no less frequently, especially if you keep in mind the difference in size. Some witnesses report seeing a strange glow under the surface, others swear they saw a UFO in the skies over the lake, and so many just feel uneasy being there. So, you ready to dive in?

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- The North American Great Lakes are all massive, and Lake Michigan itself is the 4th largest freshwater lake in the world.
- The triangle is situated in the lower half of the lake, with a corner at Manitowoc, Wisconsin and the other two at Ludington and Benton Harbor, Michigan.
- The first case goes way back to the 17th century, when the Great Lakes started to become a means of moving goods for trading.
- In August of 1679, a French ship called Le Griffon was sailing across the unchartered waters of the Great Lakes. But when she made it to Lake Michigan, Le Griffon… just vanished.
- The cause of Le Griffon’s disappearance never was fully established. Some evidence points at a sudden storm, while others believe it was rival traders that attacked and destroyed the vessel.
- The weirdest thing is that Le Griffon’s wreckage never was found.
- The next noticeable vanishing happened in 1891 to the Thomas Hume schooner.
- The schooner never did make it back to its home port. The search for the ship was initiated almost immediately, but with no results for almost 120 years.
- There would also be the Rosa Belle. Also a lumber schooner, she set off on her final voyage from High Island to Benton Harbor in 1921.
- She was found later drifting aimlessly on the waters of Lake Michigan after being capsized by some great force.
- To add to the mystery, the ship’s crew was nowhere to be found and never heard from again…
- Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 had taken off from New York and was headed for Seattle on June 23.
- It would appear that Flight 2501 had encountered a storm cloud, the plane malfunctioned, and then fell into Lake Michigan. But even with all efforts to try and find the wreckage, there was no success.
- Reportedly, two police officers saw a strange red light hovering above the lake on exactly the same day the plane disappeared.
- The anomaly of The Lake Michigan Triangle, if it exists and whatever it really is, remains a giant flaming question mark on the map of the United States.

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