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Why Police Always Wear Blue

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There’s no short supply of nicknames we have for those who’ve dedicated their lives to upholding the law. No matter which nickname you use, it’s likely you have a strong image in your mind of what a law enforcement officer looks like. Shiny metal badge, fully stocked duty belt, and, of course, the unmistakable blue uniform. It’s iconic.

And like anything so well known, there are reasons it came to be that way. Let’s look at how police officers became known as “the men and women in blue”.

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The first organized police force 0:52
The first police forces in the United States 1:54
Why are the uniforms blue? 2:30
It represents something to everyone 3:46
Experiments with the look of the police force 5:20
It has to do with psychology 6:43
Where do their nicknames come from? 8:39

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-In 1829, a guy named Sir Robert Peel introduced “The Metropolitan Police Act” to Parliament, forming the first properly trained and paid police department. “Bobbies”, as London Police became known, were given this nickname after Sir Robert.
-The first police forces established in the United States were in major cities. Boston in 1838 and New York in 1845.
-According to the Los Angeles Police Department, their original uniforms came from surplus Union Army uniforms, which happened to be navy blue. Now in more modern times, it's first of all because of the cleanliness factor. Then there’s also a basic tactical advantage a dark uniform gives an officer at night as it helps keep them from being easily spotted by the bad guys in certain situations.
-In a study where people were asked to rank 25 different occupational uniforms by how they made them feel, the police uniform was most consistently linked to feelings of safety.
-Back in 1969, Menlo Park, California notoriously replaced their traditional navy blues with a forest green sport coat over black pants, a white shirt, and a black tie. Menlo Park continued to dress their police officers like this for 9 years before finally concluding that wearing the same uniform as a local real estate agent didn’t exactly command the respect they were hoping for.
-There have been countless psychological tests on how people associate colors with feeling and mood. Black is the color most associated with power and strength, while blue goes along with feelings of trust, security, and comfort.
-The original slang term for "policeman" was “copper” meaning a person who captures. Five-O doesn’t simply comes from the American TV show, Hawaii Five-O. “The Fuzz” most likely comes from the static heard on a police radio.

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