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Why Phones Don't Have FM Radio and 10 Rare Facts


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Smartphones live a secretive life full of things you might not know… For example, they have a radio built into them that - gasp! - can’t be turned on!

This question is far from being the only smartphone mystery. Why does the quality of sound differ so much in headphones and in the smartphone’s speaker? Why are there non-removable batteries at all? How can a compass work inside a phone if there’s a magnet in it too? Let’s find it out!

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Why smartphones are so big? 0:32
Can you get a shock using a charging smartphone? 1:25
Why does the quality of sound differ so much in headphones and in the smartphone’s speaker? 2:10
What is planned obsolescence? 3:05
Why are there non-removable batteries at all? 3:51
How can a smartphone not overheat without a cooling device? 4:55
How can a compass work inside a phone if there’s a magnet in it too? 5:49
Why don’t smartphones have built-in FM radio? 6:30
How do smartphones know how much charge they have left? 7:20
How come smartphones acquire a GPS signal much faster than dedicated GPS equipment? 8:17
Why do browser pages sometimes load in a weird way, only to correct themselves in a few moments? 9:04

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-Smartphones are becoming our primary computing devices, pushing aside PCs and laptops so they are constantly growing in size.
-Unless you’re using a counterfeit charging device, you’re 100% safe using a charging smartphone.
-The bigger the source, the stronger it affects the air, and so the louder and clearer the sound.
-Every part of a gadget has its own service time, and it makes sense to take the part with the shortest life expectancy as a standard. In a smartphone, that’s normally the battery.
-First of all, the conventional rectangular battery made the phone bulky and quite unappealing. Secondly, the back lid had to be made of plastic for easier removal, and it didn’t fit the new trend for metal and glass. And finally, the rectangle shape was only needed for easy removal.
-The smartphone parts that generate heat do it in much less copious amounts than a laptop would.
-The phone’s compass is adjusted to ignore everything that’s built inside the phone.
-Every smartphone there is on the market has a built-in radio chip that can tune in to AM and FM radio, but the catch is that it’s locked and can’t be unlocked without the service provider’s and manufacturer’s say-so.
-A smartphone battery has a certain voltage range that is tested at the production stage. During these tests, engineers detect the voltage at the battery’s maximum capacity and check it all the way down to zero. Then they convert these numbers into percentage and program the phone to show it on its screen.
-Smartphones acquire a GPS signal much faster than dedicated GPS equipment because a smartphone can use different networks to help it locate itself, such as cellular or wireless networks.
-The flash is the content of the website seen in your browser’s default styles. It appears because the browser hasn’t managed to load the stylesheet of the website in time, but it still hurries to deliver.

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