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Why Cold Weather Drains Your Phone Battery, How to Fix It

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You’re out doing some holiday shopping when you see your battery is almost empty. Wait, it was at 100% this morning, and you barely touched the thing all day! What could you have done wrong to wear it down so quickly? Could it be that cold winter weather?

Ever left your phone in the car on a freezing winter day? “Yeah, but I just needed to pop into the store for a loaf of bread!” It’s what you tell yourself, but then you quickly see that the poor thing works super slowly after that or even shuts down completely for some time. Why is it so?

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Live wallpaper and other visual effects 0:22
Power-hogging apps (oink-oink) 0:45
You let apps pile up 1:04
Your screen is too bright 1:33
You drain or charge the battery completely 1:51
Tons of push notifications 2:12
Bluetooth is always on 2:38
You use your phone during charging 3:02
A long screen timeout 3:25
Bad service 3:46
You use the camera too much 4:14
You don't use dark mode 4:37
Your phone gets cold 5:00
It's too hot for your phone 5:16
Your apps update automatically 5:37
You let your phone vibrate 6:00
Multiple apps track your location 6:24
You close background apps 6:55
You use fast charge too often 7:21
You skip system updates 7:38
You use an unofficial charger 7:53

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- If you want your battery to last longer, choose a simple background image, preferably plain black.
- The brighter your screen is, the more battery power is used.
- Waiting to charge the gadget when it turns off is a bad idea. The same goes for charging the phone all the way up to 100%.
- Your phone battery has to work harder if Bluetooth is on since this feature requires power to constantly search for other devices.
- Any device needs a break from work once in a while – your phone included. Please let it rest while it's plugged in.
- When your phone fails to make a connection, it must send the signal again with increased power. As you can guess, this drains your battery fast.
- Really low temperatures slow those crucial processes down. So don’t let your digital friend get too cold!
- Your battery doesn't like being too hot either. It can cause a loss of the electrolyte that helps your battery hold a charge.
- You can save a bit of battery power by turning off that little vibe your phone gives off every time you press virtual keys.
- Check what apps have GEO-locator enabled, and turn it off if it's unnecessary.
- Background apps aren’t active and don't use much power. They’re just standing by ready to jump into action.
- Official chargers have many safety settings like controlling the amount of current delivered to the battery. Not all off-brand chargers can do that. And too much current delivered to a battery leads to its degradation.

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