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What If You Woke Up with Piranha Teeth?

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Hey guys! Do you like what-if scenarios? Here's another cool one for you. Sunday night – you’re up later than you should be, but that horror movie was too good to turn off! Man, are piranha really that fierce!? You hope to never meet teeth like that in real life. But... The alarm clock rings. Monday. You rub the sleep out of your eyes. There’s some weird feeling in your jaw – must be those wisdom teeth again. No big deal, your dentist appointment is tomorrow.

You go to the kitchen, make your morning coffee – this will take care of that drowsiness! Bathroom, wash your face, squeeze a little bit of toothpaste on the toothbrush… Wait, your toothbrush – it’s all tattered and shredded. You look in the mirror and notice your teeth are half the size they used to be! And this triangular shape… You didn’t have that before! Wait a minute, you’ve seen this before. They’re piranha teeth!


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