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What If You Lost All Your Teeth for 1 Month

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Have you ever thought of what it would be like to lose all your teeth? Let's imagine you’re a famous actor who stars in exciting action and adventure comedies. You have millions of dollars and millions of fans. It’s cool, but you want something more. You want serious roles and acting awards. That’s why you decide to play a character who has lost all of their teeth. And to better prepare for the part, you choose to remove all your own.

But how can having no teeth affect your digestion? Well, a smoothie diet can't replace regular food. Your stomach will be struggling to get vitamins and have digestive issues. Dentures help chew, but they put pressure on your gums. Besides, food particles fall behind and underneath the dentures and irritate your entire mouth. The dentures don’t weigh much, but it’s enough to make your mouth feel tight. And the worst thing is you can’t taste the same as before. Your palate also has taste buds, but now it’s blocked by the dentures! Your body is losing energy every day, and your immune system is weakened...


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