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Voices from the Black Lives Matter Protests (A Short Film) | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair takes you through an oral and visual recount of the first 14 days after the murder of George Floyd. From Minnesota politicians and friends of the victims to activists at the frontlines of the Black Lives Matter protests, rallies, and marches, we hear from pivotal voices who paint a picture of their observations of the beginnings of a revolution.

Director: Rodney Passé
Creative Director: Brendon Henderson
Producer: Gabriella Lewis
Editor: Misa Qu
Associate Producers: Meah Barrington and Jeremy Clowney
Social Video Producers: Arjun Srivatsa and Bryan Slack
Post Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi

Vanity Fair
Editor-in-Chief: Radhika Jones
Guest Editor: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Head of Programming: Allie Merriam
Reporting by Daniel Adler, Anthony Breznican, Kenzie Bryant, Michael Calderone, Arimeta Diop, Caleb Ecarma, Joe Hagan, Claire Landsbaum, Chris Smith, Abigail Tracy, and Erin Vanderhoof

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Voices from the Black Lives Matter Protests (A Short Film) | Vanity Fair
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