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The Comic Book Girl 19 Show discusses the happenings in Art Culture including Comic books, Movies, TV, Game of Thrones, and the unexpected. Broadcasting weekly-ish videos on Youtube including premium content documentaries on Vimeo-On-Demand.
Current shows you can expect to see here include the following:
1. Hot Comics Plopcast: A bi-monthly podcast about all current issues of comics we are reading, including TV shows, movies, books, art, popular culture and Q&A sessions.
2. Epic History: A 30 minute long show about the history of a topic in broad detail! (Ex: Game of Thrones Epic History the Lannisters)
3. Premium Content - Available on Vimeo-On-Demand, Digital Downloads of special documentaries which premiere on Vimeo, including Epic Reviews of Movies.
4. Mini-sodes / Raw Vlog: A short 7 minute show about topical movie, comic reviews, and topical subjects.
5. Best Comics: A 10minute review of the best comic stories out there today.

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