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That's Why Cruise Ships Don't Tip Over

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Let's see what happens to a cruise ship in a bad storm. Can waves sink a cruise ship? Are cruise ships safe and unsinkable?

Have you ever wondered why anchors are shaped the same way and why are they effective? Or how ice breakers can go through the ice? Or why is the lower part of the ship often painted red? And if you like ships, you might also be interested in knowing what the living conditions of a ship's crew are.

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How do ships even stay afloat? 0:23
Why ships don't capsize on the waves? 0:53
Why don't ships roll all the time then? 1:23
What's that big hump on the nose of the ship? 1:53
Why only ice breakers can go through the ice? 2:55
What's that strange sign? 3:27
Why is the lower part of the ship often painted red? 3:58
What are the life conditions of a ship's crew? 4:35
What will you never see on a cruise ship? 5:02
What is the biggest ship in the world? 5:39
How do small tugboats tug huge ships? 6:13
What are some of the weirdest ship designs? 6:44
How do ships communicate with each other? 7:24

- The shape of the ship allows it to push on water and displace a certain volume of it. At the same time, this displaced water is pushing back up on the ship and keeps it afloat.
- Stabilizers on most ships are a pair of fins with sensors that catch the motion of the water around them and change the position of the fins.
- The anchor itself helps only to keep the ship around one place. In reality, it's the weight of the chain that keeps the ship more stable during a stop.
- Ice breaker ships are unique in having a rounded bow that is designed to get on top of the ice and break it by the mass of the ship.
- The main part of the sign painted on the hull of the ship is in horizontal lines – they show how low will a ship sit in the water with a certain weight on board.
- The lower part of the ship is often painted red. It's made specifically to keep barnacles, seaweed, and worms out of the surface of the hull.
- Larger ships normally have separate cabins with a comfortable bed, a wardrobe, a table, and sometimes even personal showers.
- The crew of a cruise ship lives a bit more modest life if you compare it to how guests spend their time. But they have their secrets and advantages – every cruise ship is riddled with pathways and rooms you'll never see as a guest.
- The largest cruise ship in the world is the Symphony of the Seas. It's almost 1,200 feet long and weighs around 230,000 tons.
- Tugboats may be small but their engines and propellers are huge for their size. A massive ship will need several tugboats to move it faster.
- BOKA Vanguard is just a weird ship like that. It's the true heavy-lifter, a semi-submersible dock ship, that transports bigger ships across the sea from one dock to another when they're still not ready to go on their own.
- When a ship gets in trouble in the middle of the ocean, and can't send a distress signal, it still has a way to communicate through flags.

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