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Podcast #324: An Intro to F3 | The Art of Manliness

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If you’re like many modern men, you might have a pretty good life — a decent job, a family, a home, maybe a few hobbies. Despite having the appearance of a good life, though, you feel kind of empty inside. Like you’re missing something.

My guests today would argue that what you’ve got is a case of Sad Clown Syndrome and to get over it, you need to get together with some men and do some burpees.

Their names are Dave Redding and Tim Whitmire and they’re the leaders of a grassroots movement bringing men together for free workouts called F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. According to them, they’ve seen tens of thousands of men not only get physically in shape by attending F3 workouts, but reenergize themselves mentally and spiritually.

Today on the show, Dave and Tim share the origins of F3 and how they realized it was solving the problem of Sad Clown Syndrome in the lives of American men. They then detail what the symptoms of Sad Clown Syndrome are, and how exactly F3 acts as a remedy. We then discuss why male friends are so important in a man’s life and why the typical guys that men call friends aren’t really friends. We end our conversation by discussing what the 3 Fs in F3 mean, including why the “Faith” component is more about having a purpose beyond yourself and less about religion.
Show Highlights

What F3 stands for and what they do
What a typical F3 workout looks like
The origins of F3
When Tim and Dave knew they had more than just a men’s workout going on
What Sad Clown Syndrome is and why so many American men are suffering from it
How F3 solves the three problems of Sad Clown Syndrome
The type of “friends” most men have and why they won’t help you become a better man
Why men need “aggressive nurturing”
Why the “ant-hero” is so attractive to men with Sad Clown Syndrome, but it’s just an unfulfilling fantasy
What F3 means when they talk about faith
Why men need a purpose beyond themselves
And much more!

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