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Podcast #321: How to Think About Money | The Art of Manliness

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Personal finance can seem intimidating, but the reality is it’s pretty basic — save more than you spend, find ways to earn more, invest for the long-term, and protect your assets. But if personal finance is so easy, why do so many people screw it up?

My guest today has spent his career exploring this topic. His name is Jonathan Clements and he’s been The Wall Street Journal’s personal finance columnist for years. During his writing career, he’s also published several popular personal finance books including The Little Book of Main Street Money. In his latest book, How to Think About Money, Jonathan distills decades of personal finance experience into punchy, insightful, and action-oriented advice.

Today on the show, Jonathan and I discuss the most common money mistakes people make and the psychological biases that cause us to make them. Jonathan then shares research-backed advice on how money can buy you happiness…and also misery. Just depends on how you use it. He then delves into brass tacks tips on how to save for retirement no matter how old you are, how to overcome your psychological biases so you don’t make stupid money mistakes, and why focusing on not losing money will help you have more money in the long run. Lots of actionable advice to enhance your finances in this episode.
Show Highlights

Why do people get so confused when it comes to personal finance?
How our brain hurts us in the realm of money
The 3 instincts we have that hurt our finances
How to rewire our brains and overcome those instincts
Investment strategies for those who don’t have much time or know-how
How your investing strategy should change as you age
What are annuities? How they can help as you get closer to retirement?
How the fact of people living longer changes investments and retirement
How money actually can buy happiness
The value of experiences over stuff
How small purchases can you make you happier over time
The financial importance of enjoying your life and what you do
Winning in investments by not losing
What you need to know about insurance

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