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Podcast #315: The Power of Small Experiments to Supercharge Your Success | The Art of Manliness

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Starting and running a successful business requires you to constantly experiment with ideas and adapt on the fly. My guest today has become a master at testing ideas quickly in his entrepreneurial ventures, which has allowed him to start multiple million dollar businesses. He’s taken that test-and-adapt philosophy and also applied it to his life to become physically stronger, more resilient, and more productive. His name is Noah Kagan — he’s the CEO of AppSumo and Sumo.com, and he shares his musings at his blog OKdork.com.

Today on the show, Noah shares what it was like getting fired from Facebook right before it went public and losing out on a $185 million pay day, and how he bounced back from that blow. He then digs into the process he goes through in testing if a business idea is viable and how he used that process to start several successful ventures. Noah then shares the difference between founding a business and managing it, and why managers get the short shrift in today’s start-up focused world. We end our conversation by talking about how you can run personal experiments to create a better life and how to run a diagnostic test on yourself in order to make every day a great one.

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