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Podcast #314: Building Better Citizens Through Rucking| The Art of Manliness

Back in 2012, the owners of Huckberry introduced me to a guy who owned a company called GORUCK. Besides making high quality ruck packs, I also learned that they put on all-night events in which participants haul a 40-lb weight in their backpack while being led through a series of physically and mentally grueling exercises like push-ups, bear crawls, and carrying an 800-lb log with their teammates. That’s how I found myself in downtown Oklahoma City at 12AM, sitting in a pond next to my brother in below-freezing weather. Nine hours, hundreds of squat thrusts, and 12 miles later, I finished my first GORUCK Challenge.

Since then, I’ve done several other events and have learned a lot about resilience, leadership, and teamwork in the process. Today on the show, I talk to GORUCK founder Jason McCarthy, who started the company after serving as a Green Beret in Iraq. What began as a backpack company has morphed into a tight-knit community of people looking to push themselves through what Jason calls “Good livin.” Today on the show, Jason and I discuss where the idea for the GORUCK events came from and what a man can learn about leadership, teamwork, and community by doing hard things with other people.

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