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Podcast #307: Make Your Bed, Change the World | The Art of Manliness

11.11 Single Day
A few years ago a commencement speech given at the University of Texas by a retired Navy SEAL and Navy Admiral went viral. The message of the speech? Make your bed and you can change the world.

My guest today is the man who gave that speech and he’s recently published a book where he expands on the ideas he told UT college students back in 2014. His name is Admiral William McRaven and his book is Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World.

Today on the show, Admiral McRaven and I discuss why something as simple as making your bed every day can lay the foundation for success in every aspect of your life, how a parachuting accident taught him an important lesson on avoiding self-pity and learning to rely on the help of others, and why rolling in the sand as a SEAL trainee taught him how to become more resilient to the whims of life. We end our conversation by talking about how a leader can remain hopeful and share that hope with his team when all seems hopeless, and what you have to do to avoid “ringing the bell.”

This podcast will leave you fired up to make your bed, and become a better man.

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