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MY DAD DOES MY VOICEOVER | Bailey's Everyday Makeup Routine

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We've wanted to do this Dad Does My Voiceover for a long time now, in fact, this was filmed 2 months ago! Now that our Dance Like Me single is behind us, our dad finally had time to record this voiceover!
The popular Boyfriend Does My Voiceover trend has been fun to watch! I also love makeup videos. Some of my favorite makeup channels are NikkieTutorials, KandeeJohnson, SaraBeautyCorner, and JaclynHill. So, since Asa wasn't by boyfriend at the time, my dad "kindly" accepted to voice of this everyday makeup routine video for y'all!
Watch as my dad tries to explain makeup products like lipstick, foundation, palettes, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, etc... and how to apply them to eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, etc! Yes, a little cover up here, contour there, and a winged liner over there!
Super hilarious, funny, and full of comedy that only a dad would make up! The only thing better would be to have him actually film a DIY of a full makeup look on himself!
If you are a teen girl, looking for a fun way to bond with your dad... ask him to voice over a makeup tutorial like this! Then, show it to your family! (First, maybe he'll appreciate what it takes to look good in the mornings, and, second, maybe he'll learn something about makeup, too!)
How did you think my dad did? What was your favorite line that he said? Comment below! (Mine was his line about Asa at the end of the video!)
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