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Most to Least Probable Events Compared

Have you ever wondered what's the chance of meeting someone who doesn't have social media? Or what are the odds of you becoming a billionaire? Or an astronaut? Well, in fact, the probability that all these things will happen isn't as low as you might think. I mean, you know, relatively. For example, the chances of a person being born are way lower!

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Having déjà vu 0:52
Being accepted to Harvard 1:11
Looking at a clock at 11:11 within a day 1:29
Becoming a millionaire 1:33
Seeing a white lion 2:01
Being born with an extra finger or toe 2:31
Being a genius (IQ 150+) 2:48
Meeting someone who has a fear of books 3:23
Finding a pearl in an oyster 3:37
Seeing a white giraffe 3:57
Becoming a billionaire 4:19
Becoming a movie star 4:48
Getting a Diamond Play button on YouTube 5:23
All the planets lining up in a row on their orbits 5:48
You being born 5:56

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