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Marvel Supervillains That Are More Powerful Than Thanos

Hey there, Marvel fans! Eagerly anticipating the next Avengers movie, aren’t you? Well, while the plot with Thanos is incredibly epic, it’s only natural to dwell on what’s coming next to the MCU. What are we gonna see after the end credits? Another threat and another villain? Let’s see what the Marvel Universe has to offer in this regard.

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Galactus 0:36
Mephisto 1:47
Dormammu 2:48
Death 3:44
Abraxas 4:41
Annihilus 5:55
Celestials 6:36
Lord Chaos 7:49

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- While Thanos is driven by his own moral, albeit twisted, code, Galactus will have none of this nonsense. He was a mortal man once, but he transformed into an almost all-powerful entity in a cataclysm of universal scale.
- Mephisto is a seemingly immortal demonic being that does all kinds of evil stuff. He’s based on the notorious Mephistopheles from Goethe’s Faust and bears a great resemblance to that demon.
- Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, a realm of his own. His ambitions have always lain in the human world, however, so he makes for a great supervillain to combat the Avengers.
- Speaking about forces greater than Thanos himself, we should remember his one real love: Death. It’s not really clear from the movie, but in the comic series, the Mad Titan does what he does for the sake of Death.
- Abraxas is the natural counterpart of Eternity, which is the creator of worlds, and he seeks to escape his parent and guardian.
- There’s one more supervillain that holds a grudge against Earth: Annihilus. An insectoid overlord of a realm called the Negative Zone, Annihilus was originally angered by the Fantastic Four in the comic series.
- Celestials are the original masters of the Infinity Gems, so it only makes sense that one or 2 of them would return to take back the gauntlet from Thanos.
- Lord Chaos just might become interested in taking over the universe for himself. And despite being a cosmic entity with seemingly infinite powers, he still has a brother who will always oppose him!

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