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LEGO Ninjago Review&Contest - Outpost&Ninja Ambush Toy Review - Contest Closed

**Please LIKE/FAVE/SHARE** NINJAGO LEGO CONTEST (closed). Watch a LEGO toy review of Ninjago sets 2516 (Outpost)&2258 (Ninja Ambush).A close look at the features and minifigures included in each set, and a chance to see warp speed builds and win lego prizes!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* LEGO CONTEST NOW CLOSED - - OUTPOST&AMBUSH PRIZE GIVEAWAY *Contest closed as of 17th August 2011.Contest Random Factor: Icecream truck.Contest Terms were to make a video which includes, a disguised ninja in the city, a criminal and an icecream truck of your design (1 entry per channel).Entires were to be over 30 seconds but not more than 60 seconds.The winning entries would be action-packed and creative with funny entries being welcomed.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------Thankyou to the following tubers for entering!theminicorymrsafteyOlexiy2007ForlornCreatureFIRST PRIZE: (CONGRATULATIONS ForlornCreature! )Ninjago Training Outpost Set 2516&Ninja Ambush Set 2258, and your winning entry will be featured on my Fluffy Jet youtube channel for 10 days!SECOND PRIZE: (CONGRATULATIONS Olexiy2007! )Pick either the Ninjago Outpost set or the Ninja Ambush set!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LEGO Ninjago 2012 Releases:Garmadon Lord will fight on the side of Ninja. Will be replaced as the main villain by his son Lloyd and his army Garmadona people snakes. They will fight for control of five Berlami snakes, which have mystical powers. The Ninjas and Sensei Wu left the dojo, and will use the flying boat as a home base.You can distinguish among them the Lord's son named Lloyd Garmadona Garmadon and its army of people snakes. There will also be Green Ninja. It does not appear in the first wave 2012 sets. In contrast to the previous year the boxes will be green, not red. Apparently the Green Ninja is not a "new Ninja" only one of four current Ninjas will become a green Ninja. There will also be new ninjago characters including Scales and General Hypnobrai, people who are probably snakes.Among the new parts will, of course, new tools and weapons since the beginning of the series which is an integral part. New forms part, as the blade Sai, another knife, scepters snakes / cobras, blocks formed from the structure of the walls of bricks and 1x1 round plates.Kits will be in most parts of vehicles: motorcycles, airplanes, tanks, helicopters. It will even lift a ball destroying. :)~+~UPDATED LIST OF 2012 NINJAGO LEGO SETS WE WILL SEE:~+~Venomari Shrine 9440 - Retail Price: US 6.99/AUD$12.99Kai's Blade Cycle 9441 - Retail Price: US14.99/uk10.99/AUD$24.99Jay's Storm Fighter 9442 - Retail Price: US24.99/uk19.99/AUD$29.99Rattle Copter 9443 - Retail Price: US29.99/uk25.99/AUD$49.99Cole's Tread Assault 9444 - Retail Price: US39.99/uk29.99/AUD$59.99Fangpyre Truck Ambush 9445 - Retail Price: US49.99/uk41.99/AUD$79.99Destiny's Bounty 9446 - Retail Price: US79.99/uk54.99/AUD$129.99Lasha's Bite Cycle 9447Samurai Mech 9448Ultra Sonic Raider 9449Epic Dragon Battle 9450Fangpyre Mech 9455 - Retail Price: US$24.99/AUD$39.99Snake Battle 9456 - Retail Price: US$39.99/AUD$59.99Crane Wrecking Ball 9457 - Retail Price: US$49.99/AUD$79.99Kendo Cole 9551 - Retail Price: US$4.99/AUD$7.99Lloyd Garmadon 9552 - Retail Price: US$4.99/AUD$7.99Jay ZX 9553 - Retail Price: US$4.99/AUD$7.99Mezmo 9555 - Retail Price: US$4.99/AUD$7.99Training Set 9558 - Retail Price: US$19.99/AUD$34.99Kai ZX 9561Lasha 9562 - Retail Price: U$S9.99/AUD$15.99Kendo Zane 9563 - Retail Price: US$9.99/AUD$15.99Snappa 9564 - Retail Price: US$9.99/AUD$15.99Samurai X 9566 - Retail Price: US$9.99/AUD$15.99Fang-Suei 9567 - Retail Price: US9.99/AUD$15.99Spitta 9569NRG-Jay 9570Fangdam 9571NRG-Cole 9572Slithraa 9573Lloyd ZX 9574Starter Set 9579NRG-Zane 9590Battle Pack 9591Kendo ZaneFire Ninja KaiStarter SetGreen NinjaLEGO News Information Update sourced from Wikia.It is also very Interesting to see that LEGO is bringing out a new series called Dino! Featuring lots of different LEGO dinosaurs, including LEGO t-rex, and LEGO jungle explorers!Web Links:http://ninjago.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspxhttp://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Leaf.aspx?cn=690&d=70http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/Ninjagohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Ninjago
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