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If You See This In a WC, Run Out And Call the Police!

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How to know if someone is spying on you? If you google “spy software,” you'll get more than 130 million results! Unfortunately, not all of these devices are used to protect someone's property. A number of completely innocent everyday objects might be used to spy on you when you're at your most vulnerable — in the bathroom, for example.

Recently, the amount of crimes involving spy gadgets has gone up. Hidden cameras have been found in public bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, and even rental apartments!

How air freshener can spy on you 1:17
How long can it record 2:13
How to spot hidden cameras 2:48
Where cameras can be hidden 3:38
Can toilet brushes be dangerous? 5:34
Hidden cameras can turn up in the most unexpected places 6:40
Use your phone to locate a hidden camera 7:42
Buy a radio frequency detector 8:08
What you should do if you spot a hidden camera 8:39

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- . You may notice a pretty air freshener in a public bathroom or lovely rental apartment. In fact, it doesn't work as an air freshener at all. Its purpose is much more sinister: It spies on you.
- This device can record video with surprisingly high resolution. Depending on its settings, the gadget can record for 5 hours nonstop thanks to a rechargeable battery.
- Hidden cameras are often tiny, and this makes it possible to place them literally everywhere. They can even be put inside toilet bowls in public bathrooms.
- If you stay in a rental apartment, pay particular attention to things you can find in any bathroom such as shower gel, especially one for men. Such a gel may have a minuscule camera embedded in the wall of the bottle.
- Another object you can find in any bathroom is a toothbrush. For several hundred dollars, one can buy a spy toothbrush on the internet.
- Toilet brushes can be as dangerous as air fresheners, toothbrushes, and shower gel bottles. They can contain a hidden camera that’s not only activated by motion but is also waterproof.
- Remember that hidden cameras can turn up in the most unexpected places: smoke detectors, night-lights, electrical outlets, books or video games standing on shelves, pictures, and even stuffed animals.
- You can use your cell phone as a hidden camera detector. This method isn't too precise, but it may work. Use your phone to call somebody.
- If you're extremely worried about privacy violations, you can spend around $100 on a radio frequency detector. This detector scans a room, and if it spots any gadgets that transmit radio signals, it lights up or starts to beep.
- If you're in a rental apartment, immediately inform the rental service you used to book it. After that, you may want to call the police and let them investigate this incident.

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