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If You Lived in a Flat 2D World, Here's What You'd Look Like

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Have you ever wondered what our life would be like if we lived in a 2D world instead of a 3D world? Imagine you and your friends decide to play a new board game. You roll the dice and get 5 and 3. Your pawn moves 8 spaces on the flat squares. The next morning, you wake up to…something bizarre. All you can see is…lines? There’s no height, no up or down. You try to move your head. You can’t see feet below you or a ceiling above you. Your view is limited to left and right.

You try to jump – no luck. You can move, but only forward, backward, left, and right. You check out your room. There are no windows, just a line blocking you from going anywhere. The wall. You head to the right and left. As you approach objects, they get brighter. You finally find the door: a brown line you can push open. You’re a flat pawn and can't lift yourself from the board or climb on top of objects – you can only go around them. Your entire world is in 2D!


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