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Identical Twins Switch Places AGAiN! | Twin Swap Senior Year

11.11 Single Day
In today’s video, you’ll watch us #SWITCHPLACES and try to trick our friends AGAIN! This time, it is our senior year in college. Do you think they'll fall for it??

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We filmed a version of this video our Freshman year at Baylor, and it was HILARIOUS! You can watch this #twins swap video HERE! https://youtu.be/Nun_4w8m_SY

Now it is our Senior year in #college, and we are curious if our friends would fall for our #TwinSwap again! We told our friends that we needed them to help us film a video about "Which twin do they know better?" Little did they know...we were about to TRICK THEM AGAIN! We set the whole thing up to look like they were just going to be filming a video with me (Brooklyn), and then they would do the same with Bailey. ????

Bailey was hiding out in my bedroom "taking an online quiz for one of her classes" as I started the video, and a couple of minutes in, I went back to the bedroom and we SWITCHED PLACES! We went all out too, I even gave her all of my jewelry AND she wore hair extensions to look as much like me as possible… It was kind of scary how much she looked like me!! ???? What do y'all think??? Even our employees were stumped as they were reviewing this video!

Bailey’s #boyfriend saw us before the video was filmed, so I owe couldn’t trick him this time. We did manage to trick some of our friends though! We were so laughing SO HARD!!

Who were you the MOST surprised by their reaction? Could you tell??? Comment below!

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