I Saved My Friends While Studying Abroad


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Back for a THIRD time, Brigid tells the tale of a terrifying "taxi" ride while studying abroad in Rome.

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/82033

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St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican. Rome, Italy at night time. Panning shot
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Rome at sunset
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Before Sleeping Night, Female Hand Pulls Lamp Switch Circuit And Turns Off Light
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Unique Design Abstract Digital Animation Pixel Noise Glitch Error Video Damage
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St. Peter's Basilica, Day to Night Time Lapse
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Beautiful Rome City Overhead Aerial View with Tibet River
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Full moon over the clouds
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Ancient archaeological site with stone columns in Europe
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Hen party. Group of six attractive girls are having fun. Two girls are dancing in craziness. Identical casual clothes. Emotionally moved. Indoors. Slow motion
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Euro Bills Falling with Luma Matte
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Aerial Drone footage view of Colosseum in Rome
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Ancient urban pavement close up FullHD steadicam night shot
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Angry and annoyed man screaming into mobile phone, arguing with girlfriend
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Flying Over Forest At Night
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Silhouettes of girls in dresses in the luxurious saloon of a limousine
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People are dancing in the pub.
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Bakery Fresh Baked Sweets On Display
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Celebrity couple arriving in limo, photographed by paparazzi, shot on R3D
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Video of cars in a crossroads in Rome
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Outlines of Man Standing in Front of a Car in the Dark. At Night with Shadows and Back Light.
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African-American women celebrating night out with her girl friends
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Closeup view of a professional makeup artist applying lipstick on model's lips working in beauty fashion industry. Closeup view of an artist's hand using special brush
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Moving Over Road Through Night Forest
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Timelapse Fast Driving on rural forest road at night, pov
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Two of the police mobile cars in Vatican Rome Italy
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Manually counting euro coins
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Aggressive Man with a Bruised Face Wearing Singlet Standing with His Back to the Camera Turns Around and Aggressively Looks into the Camera. Background is Isolated Black,
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Defocused city lights at night in rearview mirror
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Man on phone waiting by car
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Outlines of Man Standing in Front of a Car in the Dark. At Night with Shadows and Back Light.
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Ominous headlights illuminate grass on a foggy, dark night
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Guy kissing his girlfriend's hand in a car at night
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Using smartphone while driving at night in the city
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Night city party for young people with dancing and musical entertainment
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the bartender pours a drink into glasses to glowing bar
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Young party people taking a selfie on nightclub dancefloor
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Berlin Taxi (Cab) driving with motion blur and city lights
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