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How To Make Popular Music (Beethoven’s Producer)

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Is Beethoven's 5th Symphony too slow? Even in the 18th century, musicians still had to deal with the usual criticisms from music producers.
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Director: Elliot Dickerhoof
Executive Producers: Darren Miller, Chris Michael
Producers: Darren Miller, Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman, Elliot Dickerhoof
Writers: Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman
Actors: Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman
Featuring: The Los Angeles String Quartet (www.losangelesquartet.com) - Feliks Volozhanin, Lydia Favorito, Leila Nunez-Fredell, Virginie d'Avezac
DP: Matt Sweeney
Gaffer: Eddy Scully
Key Grip: Jo Gutierrez
Sound Mixer: Marcos Castro
Costume Designer: Kate Bergh
Hair and Makeup Artist: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Production Assistant: Elyssa Phillips
Colorist: Rob Seidel
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