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How Developers Are Looking at Google Stadia in 2020 & Beyond | Summer of Gaming 2020

Google Stadia's Jack Buser, Ubisoft's Marc-Alexis Côté, and Robot Entertainment's Jerome Jones join us for a roundtable discussion about Stadia's bumpy launch, the challenges of getting people to try the streaming service, how it benefits developers, and more!

Cloud gaming is one of the more interesting avenues in gaming tech at the moment, and Google Stadia is undoubtedly one of the main companies leading the charge there. Jack Buser talked to us about some of the challenges he faced with Stadia and what Google is doing to continue to bring gamers around to the 4k Google Stadia gameplay that the service offers. Specifically, he talked about how the Stadia Pro free trial (and the 18 Stadia games offered in the trial) is helping bring players in to try the service. The Sadia Pro free trial allows players to try video games on the service without the need for a 4k Chromecast or any other google specific hardware.

Robot Entertainment’s Jerome Jones talked about the next installment in the Orcs Must Die franchise, Orcs Must Die 3. The tower defense game will be a timed Stadia exclusive at launch. Jones also talked to IGN about how OMD will be expanding on its war scenarios and how Orcs Must Die 3 is leveraging Google Stadia tech to have more orcs in a single scenario than previous OMD games had in the entire game.

Finally, Marc-Alexis Côté talked to us about bring Assassins Creed Odyssey to the Staida and what Ubisoft learned from the whole experience.

For more on Google Stadia, be sure to check out IGN.

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