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Your body language and the dominant side of your brain can tell a lot about your personality. Take a few simple tests to figure out which side of your brain is the leading one and thus defines your talents and way of thinking.
Determine your dominant eye, ear, leg and hand doing some fun and easy exercises. Take a look at 3 pictures and pick one that you like the most to determine your dominant brain hemisphere. If you liked option #1, the left side of your brain is more dominant. If option #2 appealed to you the most, then both halves of your brain are equally in charge. If you went for option #3, your dominant brain hemisphere is definitely the right side.
If you’re right-brained, you must have a vivid imagination, a strong intuition, and a love for music and creativity in general. Left-brained people are great with numbers and logic.
Apparently, your sitting position and the way you clench your hand into a fist can also tell a lot about your character.
This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind.

Music: Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner
Merengue de Limon - Quincas Moreira
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Josefina - Quincas Moreira

Determine your dominant eye 0:46
Determine your dominant ear 1:55
Determine your dominant leg 2:33
Determine your dominant hand 3:16
Determine your dominant brain hemisphere 4:07
Your dominant brain hemisphere and your personality 4:55
What your sitting position says about your personality 5:22
What your fist says about you 7:51

-Wink at an imaginary cutie in front of you. Looks through a paper tube made out of a sheet of paper. Whichever eye was the answer in all or most of these questions is the more dominant of the two.
-Check if your watch is working by holding it up to one of your ears. Do the same with your phone. The ear you used for the tasks is your dominant one.
-Take a step forward. Which of your legs made the first move? Cross your legs. Which one is on top?
-Pick up the object nearest to you. Now, crumple a piece of paper up into a ball and throw it across the room as hard as you can. Which arm did you do it with? Finally, answer this simple question: which hand do you write with?
-Take a look at 3 pictures and pick one that you like the most.
-If you’re right-brained, then you probably have a knack for expressing and reading emotions. The left side of your brain is responsible for critical thinking, logic, language skills, and reasoning.
-Whether you sit pigeon-toed, with your legs crossed, with your legs wide apart and your heels drawn together, straight with your feet on the floor and your shoulders back, or you keep your feet together to one side tells a lot about your personality.
-If your thumb is out and lying on top, then you probably like helping others because you’re selfless and kind. If your thumb is hidden in your fist, you have a lot of friends who love you for your good nature and creativity. If your thumb is out but across your fingers and pointing down, you’re pretty emotional and like to reflect every now and then.

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