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EPIC HISTORY: House Stark . Game of Thrones *

A 35 minute documentary on the history of Game of Thrones house Stark.
*2nd Edition 2014
Version II: (2014) This version has been updated and combined from 2 parts to reflect more relevant information.

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Production Credits:
Intro 3D Animation by Dominic Maschler.
Edited by Tyson Wheeler
Directed by Tyson Wheeler
Stark Beer created by Keri Kilgo & Pete Kelly.

Stock footage, Sound FX, Music by Videoblocks.com
Stock Photos by Shutterstock images
Stock Music by www.Audiomicro.com

Hand of the King pin by [email protected] (email to inquire about buying your very own Hand of the King pin!)

The War of the Usurper. Robert's Rebellion events are explained.

1:34 = Lyanna Stark art by Dreambeing-deviantart.com
1:41 = Lyanna Stark Photo by Cireal-d59b4ww.jpg
1:55 = lyanna_stark_by_by *EvaMariaToker
other Lyanna Starkby ~elia-illustration
4:47 = Rhagar Targaryen by Amoke
5:13 = rhaegar_targaryen_by_aegia-d4zj5ff.jpg
Rhaegar Targaryen 2012 by Miguel Regodón Harkness
5:50 = MiguelRegodónHarkness_Rhaegar_Targaryen.jpg
6:15 =Elia of Dorne = nymeria_sand_by_elia_illustration-d5gu94l.jpg
6:24 = Queen of Love and beuty art by By Minuko.jpg
6:39 = Rhaegar_and_Lyanna_by_mary_chan.jpg
7:19 = Rhagar Takes Lyanna on Horse = Unknown artist???
7:32 = Rhaegar and Lyannaby by ~MathiaArkoniel deviant art
7:51 = Romeo and Juliet painting = Francesco Hayez Paintings 09.jpg
7:54 = Romeo and Juliet by Frank Dicksee.jpg
8:03 = Denkata5698_Rhaegar_Elia_goodbye by Denkata5698.JPG
8:15 = Elia of Dorne art = nymeria_sand_by_elia_illustration-d5gu94l.jpg
8:29 = War of the Usurper by Ted Nasmith
9:06 = Bloodwulf by Rob Liefield
9:15 = Brandon_stark_by_dejan_delic_fun_art_prestolov.ru_.jpg
10:07 = Robert and NED - Song.of.Ice.and.Fire.full.1120122.jpg
10:45 = King Aries by Amok Amok
12:13 = Bannermen_sketch_i_by_tribemun.jpg
13:02 = the_trident_by_elegantwaster-d62tztf.png
13:10 = Rhagar Fights Robert Baratheon by Michael Komarck.
13:22 = the_battle_of_the_trident_by_juliawestwick-d5z2cmo.png
13:17 = Battle of the Trident by Tomasz Jedruszek
13:26 = the_fall_of_rhaegar_by_arthurgwg-d5jfw4n.jpg
13:28 = battle_of_the_trident__a_song_of_ice_and_fire_by_nickkalinin-d6417b6.jpg
13:54 = Tomasz Jedruszek All of Westeros is mine HD.jpg
13:55 = Siege of Kins Landing by Tomasz Jedruszek
13:57 = Jamie Lannister King Slayer by Michael Komarck.
14:34 = Jamie Lannister on Throne by Michael Komarck
15:01 = Ser Gregor Clegane killing Elia Targaryen
15:55 = Jon Arryn by Allan Douglas
16:30 = Storm's End card game, illustrated by Franz Miklis.
17:04 = Ned and Lyanna's death bed Tower of Joy by bP8RY.jpg
17:08 = Lyanna and baby tumblr_mniwhso53D1remlieo1_500.jpg
17:43 = Lyanna blood blue dress by = tumblr_mbuxcsCCC91rzjtpyo1_500.jpg
19:49 = Speculation on what promise Ned gave. By Cris Urdiales
20:52 = ferron-jon-snow.png
21:54 = game_of_thrones__house_stark_painting_by_hax09-d5xmf3a.jpg

Please inform if any artists credits are missing. It is our intent to credit any artists work featured.

A Game of Thrones Music used under rights of Fair use for criticism and review purposes.
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