Ep14. The Dark Knight Rises review by CBG19 + The Amazing Spiderman review (p1/2)

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Comic Book Girl 19 gives her researched opinion of the The Dark Knight Rises - And begins her rant on the Amazing Spiderman (part 1 of 2) CONTENTS:1. Her Favorite Scenes.2. Is the plot too complex?3. Talk about character psychologies and Christopher Nolan's filmmaking.4. Responce to people who were disappointed by the Dark Knight.5. Does CBG19 like Catwoman?6. Could Catwoman really fight in high heels?7. Were scenes cut out of the film?8. How did Bane break Batman's back in the comic vs. the film?9. Was Talia really the bad guy in this film?10. Does the League of Shadows have a point?11. Should Gotham City be destroyed?,12. Why are there not more IMAX movies? IMAX is awesome!13. Why does 3D suck?14. Does Batman have cancer? What happened in the end?15. How does Bane's face mask work?16. Youtube Trolls: Will Comic Book Girl 19 get rid of her Trolls?17. The Amazing Spiderman...(cont'd in part 2)Half of this review is Spoiler free. Then the spoilers explode in your face! - at about 5mins in.Theme music by Dat Beat Music.

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