Do These Exercises For a Month And You'll See an Incredible Butt Transformation


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How to make your buttocks perfectly round and lifted

You don’t need to sign up for a gym to build a butt like Beyonce`s. All you need is your body and a little bit of willpower. Just repeat all these exercises every day and you'll see how they will transform your butts!

Curtsy lunges.

- Take a wide step backward and to the side toward the supporting leg

- Sit and bend the knee of the supporting leg

- Stand up and straighten the leg

- Repeat 15 times on each leg

Single-leg bridge

- Lying on your back, extend your arms by your side

- Bend your knees so that your feet are under the knees

- Raise your right leg and hips up

- Repeat 20 times

Fingers to toes

- Get on all fours

- Lift your right arm and left leg, touching your toes

- Repeat 15 times

Double-leg kick

- Lie face down and keep your legs together

- Lift your chest and legs away from the floor

- Extend your arms behind you

- Repeat 30 times

Leg-up plank

- Get in a plank position

- Raise your left leg and hold this position for 2 seconds

- Repeat 15 times on each leg

Step up

- Step up with your right and left leg, one after the other

- Raise your right knee high up and feel the tension in your left buttock

- Repeat 20 times on each leg

High Knees

- Raise your left knee up and feel the tension in your right buttock

- Repeat 25 times on each leg


- You can use a heavy water bottle instead of a barbell

- Bend the knees a little bit. Keep your back straight and lean forward

- Stand up

- Repeat 15 times

Kettlebell squat

- You can use a heavy water bottle instead of a kettlebell

- Bend the knees and do an incomplete squat

- Keep your back straight and lean forward to the floor

- Stand up

- Repeat 15 times

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