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Cardboard Antiviral Dispenser To Use At Home

Hi everyone! Making a new craft is always a great idea! It's also a good way to distract Sammy from the current situation in the world.

In this video we're going to make an antiviral dispenser from cardboard, quite a useful thing for any house now. To make it, we will need a lot of cardboard, hot glue, colored cardboard, a bearing, a cutter and a few other things that Sue will tell you about!

First of all, we will cut out the base for our dispenser in the shape of a circle. And we will also cut out a few narrow openings for our future dispenser mechanism to move around. This cardboard base will become the platform for our dispenser.

The dispenser will have several sections. The mask section will be in the middle, and it will also be divided into several parts for masks of different colors. There is a large section for gloves. We will make funny shaped openings to pull out the gloves. And there is also a retractable platform with sanitizer bottles. The third section is for automatic hand sanitizer. There is a special mechanism with sensors that dispenses the sanitizer liquid automatically. Cool, right? Outside, the dispenser will be covered with colorful cardboard and fun stickers!

Guys, try making this dispenser at home and improve virus protection for your family! Please, stay safe!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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