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"BEYOND THE LIES!" - Qeios Episode 2 - (Garry's Mod Animated Series)

Rivatha, the Princess of the city of Qeios, has finally had her chance at going beyond the walls. Things have not gone as she imagined, she got caught in a storm and now finds herself in a strange Jungle Village.

"The city of Qeios, The sole remaining safe haven for the human race."

Rivatha - Sylar http://sylargrimm.deviantart.com/
Jasper - MCab719 http://mcab719.deviantart.com/
Mrs. Whitely - #LoveBen http://benplus.deviantart.com/
Eva - Rebaka http://rebaka-chan.deviantart.com/
Father - Venturian http://jordanventurian.deviantart.com/
Comet - GutTC http://guttc.deviantart.com/
Music composer- Venturian http://jordanventurian.deviantart.com/
Director - Bethany Frye http://bethanyfrye.deviantart.com/

Qeios is a Gmod animated series directed by Bethany Frye. This show is about a young Princess that lives in a dark and secluded city. She has never even beheld the sight of the outdoors, people are told that it is too dangerous. But her, the brave woman she is, decides to go and explore beyond the wall.

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Music: Jordan Frye
Venturian, VenturianTale
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