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8 Easy Ways To Tell If You're Really Healthy

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We all know prevention is better than cure. So give your health a quick check right now with 8 simple tests. There will be a bonus at the end of the video to help you understand how to get rid of a headache. Are you ready?

Eyesight 0:27
Stamina 1:48
Posture 4:16
Respiratory system 6:10
Hearing test 7:07
Bonus: what your headache is trying to tell you 7:26

- Amsler’s test helps identify macular degeneration, a condition that makes the eyesight less sharp. Macular degeneration usually appears among people older than 50 and progresses very quickly. It can lead to complete blindness.
- Intense physical exercises are not recommended for elderly people and people who have some cardiovascular conditions. Before you do any physical activity, you should perform a few simple tests.
- Stand naturally and ask someone to watch you. If your back becomes more round by 45° or more and your hips come forward, this indicates a serious spinal curvature and you might have kyphosis.
- The following tests will help you evaluate the functioning of your respiratory system, the oxygen distribution across your body, and find out if you have any problems with blood circulation.
- You can find out if you have hearing is worse than average and you have reasons to be concerned about it by taking our hearing test we’ve shared in this video here.
- Bonus: Headaches can be different, both in terms of intensity and location. If you feel a headache in the front of your head, it means that you are not sleeping enough. If your headache is located in the back of your head, it is a signal of high-stress levels.

Did you run these tests with us? Share your results in the comments! Like this video, if you found it useful.

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