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7 MiLLiON ORBEEZ iN OUR SPA | Toy Scavenger Hunt Challenge with KamriNoel

Watch our REAL FOOD vs GUMMY FOOD challenge on Kamri's channel!
While we have collated with some amazing people, including CollinsKey, AndreasChoice, Lindsey Stirling, etc... we noticed that we've never actually filmed a collab with our little sister KamriNoel!
Kamri started her channel exactly one year ago, and just passed 1 MILLION subscribers last month! To celebrate with her, we wanted to film a super fun and entertaining collab series for you! For this challenge video, we filled our hot tub spa with 7 MILLION ORBEEZ! What is an Orbeez? It is a micro gelatin ball the size of a donut sprinkle that, when it gets wet, absorbs water until it is the size of a large blueberry or small grape! They come in amazingly beautiful colors and are non toxic and biodegradable.
This game is perfect for family, kids, girls, boys, teens, children, friends, etc! We promise that you will have hours of entertainment and family fun! (Daxton and Paisley had so much Orbeez play time after we were done!) Be sure to wear earplugs to keep from getting Orbeez in your ears.
Like most challenges, we made up a timed, head-to-head toy scavenger hunt challenge in the Orbeez! Whoever finds the toys equaling the most points in a set time, wins! We went two rounds, and then a championship round!
Kamri and I went first, then Brooklyn and Parker went second. Who do you think wins both rounds? Who do you think will win the championship round?
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