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45 Jaw-dropping Body Facts That You Must Know

Human bodies are fascinating in terms of science: there is still so much to find out about our brain and our blood. This video is all about humans and what we are.

00:15 Eyelashes are a very beautiful feature of a human body, as they make our eyes look more mysterious. But what are these tiny creatures living on them?!
1:18 In the mornings we are taller, than in the evenings, why is that? We also tend to be lighter in weight after we wake up.
2:05 Have you ever felt that “falling” sensation just before you fall asleep? It’s perfectly normal. Don’t be afraid of it.
3:54 Humans and chimpanzees have many things in common, especially the amount of hair we share.
5:15 A person with a specific brain disease can remember literally everything. That’s scary.
6:25 If you want to see whether your blood vessels work well, just put your fingers into a 35F degree water for only 10 seconds.
7:29 Your poop color can tell you so much about your health. Just take a look.
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