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40 Small Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things

Okay, here’s a riddle. They surround you every day – you share your home with them! – yet you might not pay the slightest attention to their existence. We're gonna talk about everyday objects with hidden uses you might not know about! Yes, ordinary things can be full of surprises.

Every day, we do hundreds of ordinary things without even thinking. Take a stapler from your desk or a usual tape measure and look at them. Pretty sure, you won’t see anything special about these everyday things. But as it turns out, even ordinary objects can hold a bit of mystery. So let's discover new and amazing things together!

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A collared shirt 0:19
Coins 0:40
Shopping cart 1:07
Chuck Taylors 1:48
Ketchup cups 2:24
Stapler 2:48
Soda can tabs 3:23
Bead ties 3:56
Post-It notes 4:44
Spaghetti spoon 5:18
The audio jack to your headphones 5:47
Silica gel packets 6:15
Bobby pins 6:49
Coffee travel mug 6:59
Golf balls 7:28
Toothbrush 7:47
Bath bubbles 8:04
Bubble wrap 8:11

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