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Brilliant Girly lifehacks to learn today

All of us girls are kin on finding new lifehacks to adapt into our daily life, not just because we are looking for ways to save money, but also because we want to test our creativity and find out what works best for us without having to test and hoard a bunch of items. So, in this video, that is what we are doing! We found some easy and amazing life hacks to help you in your daily life as well as in your beauty routine!

We've all been in situations where we wanted to take our makeup off but we had no makeup remover. So, in this video, we show you how you can use alternative products from your bathroom cabinet to remove your makeup such as a shaving cream. Simply apply the cream over your makeup and then wipe it off using a cotton pad or a face towel.

We all struggle with makeup sometimes, and it took a while for all of us to learn to deal with different embarrassing situations! So, in this video that is what we are doing! We are showing you how to deal with any situation!
- If there is a tear in your tights, don't worry because we show you a cool way to create your own tinter pantyhose that will give you smooth legs as well as a beautiful tan. In a bowl mix some moisturizing lotion with some foundation and apply it on your legs.
- For those annoying situation that you might get greasy hair and can't get your hands on a dry shampoo bottle, we show you the perfect recipe on how to create your own! In a mason jar add one scoop of cornstarch, one whole scoop of cocoa powder and a few drops of essential oil and voila! Sprinkle over your greasy roots and you are ready to go!

For those of you who love DIY crafts and decoration, we have a very unique tutorial for you! We show you how to create your own kaleidoscope pillowcase for your couch using a plain pillowcase and multicolored fabric dye!

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing lifehacks to help you make your everyday life easier and give inspiration for your next project!

0:27 - Beauty hacks for embarrassing moments
2:39 - DIY clutch
4:18 - How to repurpose a bathroom rug
5:14 - How to decorate your bullet journal
6:46 - How to organize detangle threads
8:35 - Clothing hanger hacks
10:36 - Smart ideas for winter
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