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We prepared a new collection of kitchen ideas that will ease your life:
-Check out how to soften stale bread! Run the hard of bread under water and place into the oven for 10 minutes. Then eat and enjoy it!
-You will find a cool idea of how to make delicious bread with cheese and herbs. Check out the tutorial!
- I love to make caramel popcorn and share an easy tutorial. Take a pan and melt butter and caramel candies. Add kernels and cover with a lid. You will love this incredible taste!
-Follow these steps to make delicious chicken burgers: shred boiled chicken boneless breast with a mixer. Choose your favorite sauce and add to the chicken and stir. Add vegetables and burger buns. Ready!
-If there is too much water in your rice, place a slice of bread on rice. Bread will absorb excess liquid
-Place your knife in water before cutting bread. You will love the result!
-We share a brilliant idea for breakfast - Nutella rolls
-Bake camembert with potatoes. Take 4-5 rounds of brie, cut the tops and wrap in the dough and place the brie “tower” in the center of the baking tray. Put jacket potatoes around, spray potatoes with olive oil and add any spicy you like and bake for 60 minutes
-One more idea of baked camembert that you will love. Follow these steps: cut the camembert in half and place one half in the middle of pastry circle, add vegetable topping and potato slices. Cut the pastry in 8 parts, it will look like a flower. Use a glass to cut a circular line at the end of each petal. Fold petals one by one and brush with egg wash. Bake.

00:20 Unexpected bread hacks
01:02 Cheese bread
02:06 Quick sauce recipe
03:00 Nutella rolls
04:26 Baked camembert with potatoes
11:47 Caramel popcorn

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