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​​Decorating hacks and awesome recipes for beginners

Whether you are hosting a party or making the delicious cakes, you can get plenty of ideas just by watching this video. We wanted to share with you some amazing and easy cupcake decorating ideas that will make your cupcakes look like they were decorated by the top chefs. In addition to that, if you are a beginner baker, we wanted to show you different ways to bake delicious pastries with minimal effort and skill. Through this video, you will be able to shape your pastries with unusual patterns and use creative fillings as we demonstrate in the video.

If you are looking for different ways to decorate your cupcakes then the way to do it by manipulating the frosting as much as you can, and we don't mean touching or molding the frosting, rather than adding different colors to it or using different decorating tips. In addition, you can try and add two different colors in your icing bag so that when you squeeze the frosting on the cupcake it will create an amazing optical illusion. Another way to decorate your cupcakes is by using edible paper and frosting as we demonstrate in the video - this will be ideal if you are organizing a birthday party for your little girl and you would like to the decorations to be inspired by Disney princess. The frosting will be in the shape of their dresses and then you will add the cut-out of the princess on top.

You can also use your simple icing-tips to create little cactus and succulents on top of your cupcakes using green frosting, or even beautiful roses. These decorations are ideal for a bridal shower or just a regular tea party that you organize for your friends. We also show you the step by step way to create a unicorn cupcake or even a cookie monster cupcake and these methods require no particular skill, just your imagination and you are ready to go. Watch the video to see the whole demonstration.

In addition to that, we have some amazing ways to make your own pastries using fun shapes and delicious fillings. We show you how to make a ninja start shaped pastry with whipping cream and strawberries. Here is how you do it. Cut your dough into squares and then cut the edges from the middle. Then fold the edges on the right straight into the middle. After that add a scoop of whipping cream and then a strawberry on top. Another awesome pastry we have is the blueberry and cream filling where you fold it in a similar way. You cut 4 corners on the inside of each edge. Then, you add the cream filling. After that, you add 4 blueberries two on top and two at the bottom. Finally, you fold the outside cuts of the dough straight in the middle on top of the blueberries. We also have an awesome way to make a jam croissant or even a chocolate croissant.

Don't forget to try our simple sugar paste decorating ideas. We show you a simple way to decorate your cakes using roses made out of sugar paste and also a very simple way to create fish. Furthermore, we have some simple ways to decorate your cookies and add the finishing touches using cocoa powder by using tools you already have in the kitchen, for example, a whisk or a fork.

If you are looking for a way to make your frozen yogurt then try this hack. Take individual containers of your favorite flavored yogurt and pierce their lid using a wooden stick. Then place them in the freezer and take them out a few hours later and voila. Your very own yogurt ice cream.
0:13 - Disney cupcake decoration
0:48 - Frosting trick
1:05 - Cactus decorations
1:27 - Succulent decoration
2:05 - Bonfire decoration
2:17 - Rosegarden decoration
2:34 - Unicorn decoration
2:48 - Cookie Monster decoration
3:00 - Poop emoji cupcake
3:33 - Strawberries and cream pastry
3:52 - Blueberry pastry
4:13 - Jam croissant
5:15 - Chocolate croissant
7:16 - Cookie decorations
7:48 - Sugar paste fish
8:18 - Sugar paste roses
9:17 - Bow shaped cookies
9:56 - Coffee shaped chocolate cookies
10:56 - Chocolate swirl
12:05 - Floss hack
12:38 - Coca-cola chocolate smarties
13:40 - DIY frozen yogurt

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