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Behold! This is an ultimate compilation of the most useful life hacks for kids.

What can be more important than a kid's safety? Make your house safer using our awesome tips and ideas – a cut tennis ball can serve as a protector for dangerous parts of furniture. A couple of towel hooks and a rubber band can protect your drawers from being opened. A piece of tape and a couple of pins can protect a bookshelf. Use a plastic container and upgrade it a little bit to store an extension cord with sockets. Foam isolation for pipes comes to rescue when you have to prevent a door from closing. While painting, eating or playing, protect your kid's clothes from being soiled with paint or food by making a protective overall using only a plastic bag.

Is your kid too small to reach a water tap? Use an empty shampoo bottle as an extension. Now your kid's hands will always be nice and clean.

Use an ordinary rubber band to make you liquid soap last 2 times longer. Want to learn how to do that? Check out the video!

It's easy to keep your house clean having kids around - just use some tricks from this video and learn how to prevent bowls from spilling and popsicles from dripping.

Use cute sticker cut in halves so that your kid always knows which shoe is left and which is right.

There's also a couple of cooking hacks for kids in this video. Learn how to make a 2-minute cake in a cup, how to turn Nutella leftovers into a yummy ice cream dessert, how to keep ice cream soft in a freezer.

Learn how to make cool DIY pencil cases that you can use yourselves or give to your friends as presents. Another cool present idea is a DIY mug – there's plenty of awesome ideas for decorating mugs in this video.

There's a lot of amazing ideas for kids – this video unites the coolest ones. Making presents, child safety, keeping your house clean, getting ready for a kids party – it all becomes incredibly easy with our cool life hacks.


2:03 - No-mess life hacks for parents
4:38 - Cake in a cup
6:39 - DIY pencil case
9:15 - Cute DIY mugs


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