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Brilliant clothing and styling DIYs

When it comes to fashion, everything seems to be circled around after a few years, so instead of throwing out your clothes why not re-invent them into something that corresponds to today's fashion. This is what we decided in this video. We wanted to share with your some amazing clothing hacks and DIYs that will help give your clothes a second life and also give your overall outfit that extra intriguing look. Watch our whole video to see how you can turn your old jean jacket into a beautiful lace see-through spring jacket or how you can create a beautiful skirt using two pieces of square fabric and some elastic band.

- If you have a long oversized dress that you would like to repurpose, we have the best hack for you. We show you how to turn it into a beautiful skirt by cutting the bottom of it in long stripes and also sewing the short sleeves into pockets. You can wear this on a hot summers day out for coffee, or on top of your swimsuit when you go for a swim.

- If you have an old boring pair of jeans and you are looking for a way to bring them in today's fashion. Then, we have the best hack for you. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut it a few horizontal lines on it. Then, take some tweezers and pull out many threads as you can to make it look like it's been torn apart and voila. This way you can turn an old boring winter pair of jeans into a cool spring pair of jeans simply by using scissors and tweezers.

- In addition, we show you how to decorate your summer jean shorts with pieces of lace fabric. You can apply them at the edges of your shorts or you can sew them as we did behind the pockets to give them that beautiful pattern looks during the summer. You can then wear a white lace shirt on top to complete the look.

- If you are looking for a way to turn your boring old white shirt into a beautiful casual night out backless shirt then we show you the perfect hack. Simply cut out the sleeves of the shirt and then using some chalk draw a heart with horizontal stripes on top. Then, take a pair of scissors and cut the horizontal stripes from the side as we do in the video. (Make sure you leave one vertical stripe in the middle to give the sense of angel wings in your shirt). Finally, wear your shirt and voila.

- In addition, to creating your own clothes we also show you how many different ways there are there to wear a scarf as a shirt or a dress. You'll love this video demonstration because we show you how many different ways you can create an outfit by just adjusting your scarf in different ways. This way you'll have a new look for every occasion, the only you'll have to do is adjust your scarf.

Watch our whole video to discover many more clothing hacks and sewing DIYs. We show you how to create your own high thigh boots, how to make a skirt out of an old shirt or even how to turn your old workout leggings into a beautiful crop top.
0:13 - Beautiful lace jacket
2:17 - Backless shirt
3:07 - How to wear a scarf
4:16 - DIY high-thigh boots
6:05 - Cool leggings cutting pattern
7:24 - Cool bra outfit hack
8:26 - DIY bodysuit
10:16 - DIY carrier pouch
11:58 - How to save your old bag with a sweater
14:28 - Table mat pouch
15:49 - Cool zipper pencil case

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