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Do you wanna look like a star? Watch the video and find the ideas on how to upgrade your wardrobe and create fabulous looks!
A black leather jacket is an essential item in every girl's wardrobe as there are so many ways to wear it.
The best thing about a nice leather jacket is that you can wear it with almost anything: dresses, jeans, skirts, or even sweaters.
Leather jacket outfits are super versatile everything depends on your imagination and taste. Check out our video to find the top leather jacket looks for the autumn!

Check out our collection of tutorial on how to tie scarves easily and look fabulous. There is a number of terribly stylish and unique ways to tie a scarf! You can even turn a scarf into a complete outfit! The larger your sarong is the more options you will have for tying. So, you can go from the beach to the restaurant to the bar with just a few quick knots.
Also, you may reuse your boyfriend's shirts and create a new stylish dress or skirt.
Find out an easy way how to store your panties in an empty cleaning wipe dispenser. Clean and dry and old dispenser and put your things inside!
Transform old panties into the no-stitch top! Sounds crazy? Check out our video!
The new ballet flats might be too tight and uncomfortable to walk in for the first time. Before putting them on don’t forget to watch our video full of helpful lifehacks that will make your shoes more comfortable! Otherwise, it will lead to pain and shoe discomfort again.
Everyone has that annoying pair of pants with the zipper that just doesn’t stay up. Instead of replacing the zip, just get a circle zipper pull, or small key ring you can attach to the button.
Surely, you faced the problem of wanting to wear a racerback top but you don’t have the right bra? You can just use a paperclip! Simply use it to connect the two straps at the back between the shoulder blades.
Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!
Don't miss out on anything ladies!


00:06 Black leather jacket ideas
03:22 How to tie a sarong
06:22 No-stitch top
07:16 Tight ballet flats?
10:46 Hoodie hack

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