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28 USEFUL LIFE HACKS EVERYONE MUST KNOW || Cleaning Tips, Recycle Ideas And Tricks

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We always prepare life hacks that will ease your life and we are ready to show you a new collection of household ideas that you will totally love. If you have spilled Coke on your white t-shirt, use black tea. Check out an easy tutorial! You can clean dishes using orange peels. The reason is that orange peels contain natural oils and juices that easily combat with grease. Moreover, peels eliminate odors. Cut a paper cup to make an inexpensive and handy phone holder. It sounds strange but you can easily clean metal surfaces or jewelry using lipstick. Reuse pringles cans and use them to store pasta. Did you know that coffee is good for your skin? You can make an inexpensive scrub for your skin from ground coffee. Coffee exfoliates your skin perfectly and gently removes dead skin cells. Exfoliation is very important for your skin because it boosts blood circulation and rejuvenates it. Exfoliate your skin every week and your skin will be silky-smooth, glowing and young. One more important thing - coffee scrub reduces cellulite.
You can use lip balm to fix a stuck zipper, rub the lip balm along with the teeth of the zip or in the area where it is getting stuck, open and close the zip and a couple of times and it should be good as new. Check out one more amazing idea how to fix your eyeglasses using a toothpick.
As a bonus, you will find a lot of ideas on how to reuse shampoo bottles. Most of us use shampoo bottle only once but if you care about nature, you can make a lot of crafts from shampoo bottles.

00:09 Get rid of coke stains
01:12 Cheap phone holder
02:34 Reuse Pringles cans
03:43 Peach jellies
07:38 Upcycle shampoo bottles

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