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We all need everyday hacks that will save time and money! Moreover, they make our loves much easier and we could spend time on other essential parts of our life like relationships, art, and self-development.
We think that slimes are for kids. No, they are not only a great sensory activity for kids but also could be used in everyday life! In this video, you can find a lot of cool and easy recipes of slimes and unusual ways to use them.
Mix clear glue, food dye, and contact lens solution, stir and put the slime into a plastic bag. Now put in into shoes for relaxing insole.
Cat owners know that hair is around your home and on your clothes. Use slime instead of a sticky clothes roller. Slime is often best for removing pet hair.
We have one more recipe of slime that could be used to stick your photos. You will need glue and borax. Adding some polish remover to the mixture, you can make very convenient nail polish remover slime.
Spinner could be useful at home! Make phone holder from spinner and glue gun! Check out how to make funny panties for your phone. Have fun!
Turn an old shoebox into a smartphone projector. You will need a magnifying glass, shoe box, and binder clip. Now you can enjoy your favorite films with friends.
Create gorgeous hanging plant pot holders for your favorite home plants and flowers. All you will need is macramé, favorite potted plant! You can adjust for any length you want. Moreover, if you don’t have macramé find a couple of your boring old T-shirts and pair of scissors. Cut the T-shirt into same-length and width straps, tie these straps down in certain spots and here are amazing hanging plant pot holders for your favorite home plants and flowers.
Knot pillow is one of the hottest home décor trends and we will show you how to make it by yourself. You don’t need to spend tons of money on it just take two pairs of old tights and fill them with rubber foam or cotton wool, tie this all in a beautiful knot. Voila!


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