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This video is for those who love cooking! Even though, if you never cooked anything special before, the ideas from this tutorial video for kids, may inspire you to become a pro in cooking and food decor. Use our incredible ideas for every day desserts and turn each ordinary meal into a high-end restaurant feast! Ladies and gentlemen, behold – our top-rated fine dining ideas!

Food should be yummy, no doubt. However, it's also important how it looks. Today, we'll show you numerous ways of decorating a dish, so that you'll want to eat it with your eyes.

Put a few drops of sause on a plate and spin it – you'll get a cute pattern that looks nice and neat!

Powdered sugar is a cool material for decorating plates and desserts. Put a fork and a spoon on a dark plate and sprinkle them over with powdered sugar using a sifter. Remove the objects and enjoy your presentation!

If you heat a chocolate bar edge with a lighter, you can leave amazing lines on a plate with it.

Let white chocolate be your canvas – just sprinkle it over with sauce drops and then draw a pattern through all the drops. Looks amazing!

You can make beautiful chocolate figures using parchment paper and molten chocolate.

If you love pastry, you should have a batch or two of frozen filo dough in your freezer. If you have some unexpected guests, you'll be ready to treat them on something yummy in a few minutes. In this cooking tutorial video for children, we'll show you numerous recipes of dough folding. All you have to do is to add the stuffing – anything you love. It can be berries or jam, chocolate or marmalade, even fresh fruit and nuts. This is a cool field for your creativity.

Watch this video up to the end and see more amazing ideas on dessert decorating


01:10 – White chocolate ideas
02:40 – Drawing with a spoon
04:37 – Puffed pastry ideas
09:46 – Chocolate bowls


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