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25 Crazy Facts About Human Body You Never Heard About

A human body is so complex, even the scientists still do not know it completely. Yet, every day they discover more and more. This video is all about crazy human body facts we all want to know!

00:02 Ever wondered what happens to the fetus inside the uterus? check out our cool facts about it.

1:42 If you thought that the human body has no secrets, you were wrong. Just look at the appendix. Everybody thinks it useless, but it actually plays an important part in our development.

2:30 Yup, people are very similar to the chimps. Look at this particular similarity!

3:07 That's right, men and women are so different. Men are quite lucky to have this happening to their metabolism.

3:51 Another thing that proves women and men are two different species - our tongues and the taste receptors on them.

4:48 No wonder people invented theater, as we are the only animals capable of making that many facial expressions.

7:40 Pain and its location can tell you what exactly is wrong with your body.

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