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​​Fun drawings for kids

If you love cartoons and drawing, or if your kid loves cartoons and enjoys drawing then this video is for you. In this video, we show you how to draw your favorite animals by using your hands as guides. We demonstrate how to draw a fish, or how to draw a butterfly just by positioning your hands in a certain way. In addition, we show you how to add little details to those drawings to make them appear more realistic.

- In the first clip, we demonstrate how to draw a bird with your hands.
Here is how to do it. Place your palm facing down on the paper and position it in such a way where there is a gap between the ring finger and your middle finger. Then, using a black sharpie trace your hand all around and when you reach the bottom draw a curvy line with a sharp edge on the left and connect the rest of it. Then, add the wings to the little bird, draw the eyes neck and feet and voila.

This way you can show kids how to explore their creativity just by using their own body and their hands. Their hands can create any little animal that comes to mind, they can draw a cute little fish by placing their palm horizontally on the paper, or they can draw a cute little crap using 4 of their 5 fingers. Then you can show them how to add color to their little creations using a sharpie.

If you would like to go a step further we show you a cool way to teach children about numbers an animals. For example, we demonstrate a cool drawing tutorial on how to draw anything using numbers. For example, you can draw a giraffe right out of number 1. We show you how to draw a swan out of number2 a bee right out of number 3 and so on. These techniques will help children exercise their creativity and also understand the importance of numbers through doodles. Since all children love doodling and coloring, you can get them more interested in subjects such as math.

We also demonstrate an origami-inspired art that will inspire even grown-ups. The only thing you'll need for this one is a square piece of paper and your pencil. Pay close attention to the demonstration tutorial to make sure that you follow all the steps correctly. Then, you'll be able to draw a ballerina and with each fold you make you'll see the ballerina dancing.

Watch out whole video demonstration to help entertain kids, teach them how to doodle and also help them improve their art skills.
0:29 - How to draw a fish
1:00 - How to draw a crab
1:46 - How to draw a butterfly
2:25 - How to draw a rabbit
3:17 - How to draw a penguin
3:48 - How to draw a shark
5:10 - How to draw a camel
5:50 - How to draw a cow
6:39 - How to draw a dragon
7:51 - How to draw a cat
8:18 - Draw with numbers
9:00 - Moving drawing
9:43 - Circle animals

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