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Tasty ideas and cooking lifehacks

Avocado is such a tasty treat, so to help you out, I show you some delicious ways to bake them. Cut your avocados in half, remove the seed and then add some eggs inside. Then sprinkle some cheese, ham, bacon, and mushrooms on top and bake them in the oven.

I show you a tasty recipe to make peanut and coconut cookies – all vegan and healthy. Simply mush up some dry peanuts in your food processor, then add olive oil, and honey and mix them again. After that add some coconut oil, some vanilla extract and coconut sprinkles and freeze. Voila.

I show you how to make your own pastry dough using flour, semolina, powdered sugar, melted unsalted butter, coconut milk, and a pinch of salt. The mix everything together to until it becomes a paste. Take a hairbrush, and roll them around to get the shape you need and finally, fry them in some oil. After that, sprinkle some icing sugar on top and voila.

You can also soak some bread in milk, then flatten it out with a rolling pin and fill it up with cheese and potato. Then, add another layer of bread on top and cut it using a drinking glass. Fry them in oil and Bon appetite!

I have a ton more tasty and healthy recipes for you can try. They are great for parties and as treats for you and your friends.


0:45 – Tasty vegan no-bake cookies

2:25 – Avocado chocolate chips

4:27 – Delicious mini fried croissants

6:09 – Delicious bread pastries

7:44 – Green colored noodles recipe

10:51 – Pigs in a blanket recipe

13:02 – DIY natural ice-cream

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