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00:25 One of the closest DNA-brother for humans is a very unique fruit. I am never going to be able to eat it again. Ever.

1:50 Humans have mastered the art of theater because they are the only animals that can do THIS (to see what check out our video!)
2:01 People can have hiccups for a very long time. It may be a signal of a disease. See a doctor if you are experiencing it.
2:44 Human bones are not as fragile as everyone thinks they are.
3:29 We created a theater for a reason. Here is the biggest reason why and it's all about your body.
4:33 Your eyes are just like your phone's camera, or even better.
7:03 Same with the muscles in your eyes, they are so strong. Even a bodybuilder would be surprised to know this fact.
9:03 The most amazing thing about humans that we always find something new about our bodies. Take our poop, if you check its color - you can most definitely tell what health condition you might have. But remember to check with the doctor, too.

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